What We Offer

What We Offer

An established event that connects your brand with our affluent health-conscious guests. Engaging these target consumers in meaningful interaction with your brand. Healthy Guru includes media exposure to create brand buzz. Approximately 300 attendees throughout the day visit the vendors and attend group classes.

Exhibitors Benefits

Opportunity to sell products. Connect with your target audience. Generate social media content. Attain print and digital press. Develop valuable business relationships. Expand e-mail database.

Exhibitor Categories

Activewear, Alternative Medicine, Beverage, Chiropractors, Cosmetics, Dance, Exercise, Extreme Sports, Fitness, Holistic Medicine, Home, Internal Medicine, Lifetime Sports, Massage Therapy, Medicine, Nutritional Education, Outdoor Activities, Skin Care, Spa and Beauty Treatments, Sports, Supplements, Vitamines, Weight Management, Yoga, And much more! Please email us for more information.